A non-sex relationship cannot go beyond being fixed or causing other problems in the later stages. As much as you men need sex, we women want it, but sometimes we expect your step because you are really childish or animalistic. As an adult woman, I even had a relationship without sex for 2 years. Even though I said what I wanted, the gentleman could not do this to me. Such an idiot I have never seen in my life. At that moment I didn’t say anything because I was emotionally addicted, but look my friend, you will fuck me and I’ll be satisfied. It seems to some idiots that fucking is an act to be done to the enemy. I’d like to remind him of these while he licked his friend’s dick, but he has already fucked me like an enemy. The boy gave me what I was looking for for two years, and in the last 3 months of our relationship, I was listening to this idiot and having sex with his other friend like crazy. They did not say they eat what they do not eat in vain. When he found a woman with machine consistency like me, he tells you that he can’t do it. Anyway, I got angry even when I was telling, if you treat your women like this idiot, they will look for the camel in someone else.




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