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People are working, struggling, struggling and frustrated. Especially in modern society, this is a vicious circle that everybody meets and a few lucky minorities do not. This situation, as in our work and social life,...

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We complicate our relationships on our own and make them more difficult to resolve than they should. Although our 6th month was over with my previous lover, the subject never came to sex, even if there were minor adva...

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I had decided on one of the last nights without you. The reason why I was divorcing me a lot must have been a woman, and it had a result. I loved you, but I really liked the doorman. I knew you would fuck me elite eli...

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I had already removed my underwear when I called the mechanic, but I also wore a skirt on my knees so that it would not show his direct reaction. I have been telling my friends about this fantasy for months and finall...

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My girlfriend has a wide variety of fantasies, but my favorite is the slave fantasy. As soon as we play this role with that lady, who is a lady lady outside, I get more and more admiring the bitch that comes out and t...

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How beautiful it was before moving to modern life. People made love as they wish with what they liked, they had sex wherever and whenever they wanted, in front of the people they wanted. Sometimes as a woman who think...