Although I am a woman where everyone is sick at school, nobody approaches me because I am so beautiful. Since the people who approached are generally apache types or people who are after scores, I did not give up. But today I met a very sweet boy in the library. It drove me crazy that he had nothing to do with me, although I normally wouldn’t. As a woman used to constant attention and curious glances, this boy had to be gay to do so. I offered to sit together, and in between words, I was slowly touching his legs and shoulders, laughing even at things I shouldn’t have ever laughed at. In the end, when I was alone, I couldn’t stand it and I suddenly threw my hand to your dick. He didn’t understand what was happening and was very surprised. When I tried to kiss him he pulled back and smiled. He told me to be calm and that this was neither the place nor the time. I was going crazy now, even though there was no one in there, it wouldn’t matter. I was going to jump on her lap in front of everyone. He was not doing it consciously, so his main purpose was not to get me by doing this, and it was driving me crazy. He said he knew I was not normally like that and gave me his number. We’ll meet outside next week. I guess I’ll only be able to put him in bed after months.

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