I love mature and rich men. They have both the necessary experience and the power to meet the needs of a woman like me. This situation never changes. If a person is both mature and rich, he will definitely make good sex. Even if they don’t make love well, they pay you the world’s money to make it feel like that. That’s how we met Ahmet. He bought me some expensive things in a luxurious space and did not insist on sex. We met the next day and took me to the hairdresser and then to the clothes shop. They even had helpers to carry what I received. Then we had dinner in a five star hotel. It was already obvious that he would fuck me, but I had already spent a fortune. I said what does this from the first day and then do it. Then we went to the room and took off his belt and wrapped it around my neck. It was the first time I got bored like this. His tool was small, but every time he hit it, I pulled the belt again, every time I felt more inside. He finally emptied inside and called the room service. He left after saying that after drinking a glass of champagne and paying for everything, I expected him to call, that it was okay to meet others, but I should definitely open it when he called.

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