People are working, struggling, struggling and frustrated. Especially in modern society, this is a vicious circle that everybody meets and a few lucky minorities do not. This situation, as in our work and social life, is quite common in our love and therefore sex life. So I like to be clear in my relationships. I do not say that I should put you in bed from the first day, but before my relationship begins, I tell the woman in front of me about my expectations from the relationship. In other words, as a person close to 30 years old, it is of course normal to want a relationship with a regular and enjoyable sex life in which we can add something to each other and support each other in every sense, rather than life-like relationships. We had been meeting my current girlfriend for 3 months, and since I mentioned them in our conversations before, when we started the relationship, we just touched each other and tried to get used to it. At the end of the first week, my man was shouting at the root. The sex relationships we establish in this style will always take us further. So be you, be honest to all your partners in life and state your wishes. In the later stages of the relationship, this should not be more difficult.




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