My friend was traveling abroad and his girlfriend was alone. I got up from the phone ringing at two of the night and went to him because he was afraid. He said it would be a problem if we watch the movie until the first light of the morning. Of course I said not and I pulled the tracksuits and went to him. He had a fairly open outfit and normally would not wear such outfits. I was a little aroused but I never heard. We sat side by side and snuggled on me under the pretext of fear. He had just squeezed his perfume, and that made me very aroused. My dick was slowly getting up and it was now apparent from the tracksuit to the lines. She leaned her breasts at me and spoke to my neck. Now he almost threw my hand on my dick, he threw it and we started kissing. He said, “All of these will remain between us, I have been waiting for this dick to enter me for months.” I couldn’t stand it, and I just shot him in front of the TV. The chest was tight. I didn’t realize it was so beautiful before, but now I was screwing it in inlete. I gave it to her mouth when I was going to empty it because she told me not to pour it in and I drained her mouth. During the remainder of the night, we were able to split the movie three times and finish it. In the early hours of the morning, I left her face empty and I wasn’t afraid anymore.


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