We were on the eve of trying something new with my partner. We had a long-standing relationship and I was tired of the standard stuff now too. One day we talked about sex toys while talking to a friend and I opened this topic to my partner. Welcomed quite normally. Frankly, I didn’t even know it was such a deep and complex industry until I researched it. Unlike the toys that everyone knows, there were tools that were produced specifically for fantasies and used for that purpose. There was no limit to gels, medicines, decorations and even music. We started building a room full of these for ourselves. Our research lasted for 6 months. We still sit down sometimes and buy new stuff, but I can say we have our own sex room. Sometimes when our guests come to wonder and ask what is behind that door, we both look at each other and laugh, and we didn’t let anyone, including our closest friends, in there. There is a difference between sharing your secrets with people and opening all of your fantasies to people. That room is just our space and no one will enter it, unless we move on to another fantasy of course.


Dogi Style


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