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Since I am the daughter of a conservative family, I cannot even go out in the evenings. The love-making stories that all my friends tell every day seem like a fairy tale to me. At this point, I realized that I had int...

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I had just gotten into the job and all eyes were on me since I was the new girl. At the same time, I felt the pressure of the job very well. Even though I did my best to get used to it, I was uncomfortable that men we...

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A non-sex relationship cannot go beyond being fixed or causing other problems in the later stages. As much as you men need sex, we women want it, but sometimes we expect your step because you are really childish or an...

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Rumors circulating among girls have always come to my job. I was sure that everyone around knew how big a dick I had after sleeping with someone in the class, and I really liked it. He looked at me strangely even when...

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Now I am tired of dreaming about it and I had to reach the truth. For months, I went to her shop just to see her every day and bought things I would never buy. It closed the shop at 9 in the evening, and it worked f...