Rumors circulating among girls have always come to my job. I was sure that everyone around knew how big a dick I had after sleeping with someone in the class, and I really liked it. He looked at me strangely even when people were walking. Just at that moment, while I was sleeping alone in the classroom, a girlfriend came. I knew he was from the class, but when he said he could ask you something, he thought it was going to offer you dating, but it didn’t take long to realize that he was the size of my dick. I told him to close his eyes and kneel and put him in his mouth if he really wanted to see it. When he said I would prove his size only to him, he immediately knelt down. The purpose of the bitch was already evident at first. He wanted to take a huge dick, but that wouldn’t happen immediately. I told him to close his eyes and never open it until I say open. He used his tongue perfectly even when he was licking without seeing. Although he seemed embarrassed, it was obvious that he was experienced. I told him to open his eyes just before he ejaculated, and something big red came across. When he was in surprise, I groaned into his face, moaning and gave my number, saying that if he wants to eat it in his ass, he should not engage in such actions. We meet to study once a week and know what’s going on.

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