Now I am tired of dreaming about it and I had to reach the truth. For months, I went to her shop just to see her every day and bought things I would never buy. It closed the shop at 9 in the evening, and it worked for me because it worked only. I wore my best clothes and started to wait 10 to 9. When I cut the shutters in half, I said that I wanted to buy something and it could not break and we entered. When the shutters were half open, I handed your dick before I lit the lights and said that I had been waiting for this moment for months. We started to kiss and make love to wash the items around. He fucked me for hours in every corner of his shop. If we hadn’t locked the door from inside, every new customer would have seen us become that naked and one body. Now he comes to me every day after closing the shop and gets what he wants from my personal body shop. He makes the payment with his beautiful huge penis. Sometimes you may have to fight to get what you want. Taking a step does not make you a bitch or a light woman. I get what I want every night and I am quite happy with this




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